foundaround sound

The clash of bells on a Jaipur street rail against the hypnotic purr of humanity. Drumbeats seem to collide in a rural Moroccan mass. A Japanese passenger train lurches against a celebratory dance beat. Each piece of music is a hybrid creation that relies on raw, “real” sounds that have been remixed into what I call, Foundaround Sound. In this collection, I took street or situational recordings from Morocco, India, Japan Argentina, and Mexico and using percussion, infused different beats and sounds to create music you could never hear without this rare marriage between the organic and the produced.

Foundaround Sound was created as an homage to the many cities, villages, pueblos and medina’s I’ve traveled throughout my life. Each organic sound has been recorded and reassembled in order to maximize the sound experience of that particular place. By importing complimentary beats and rhythms for a more multi-dimensional feeling, I’ve preserved the organic “sound” by giving it a broader context through which to live and consequently, a broader audience who might never appreciate it otherwise.