global mosaic 2.0

global mosaic 2.0

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© 2015 Shep Lonsdale

global mosaic

global mosaic

  1. credits

    Recorded, Edited, Mixed and Produced By Shep Lonsdale

    Mastered by Joe Gastwirt at Joe Gastwirt Mastering

    Artwork and Design by Yoli Hodde

    Cover photo Shep Lonsdale

    All compositions by Shep Lonsdale

    Additional Drums, Percussion, programming and synths by Shep Lonsdale

  2. appreciation

    Special thanks to Tracy and Ashley and to Eddie Bellinaso

    Thanks also to the people and sounds of Morocco, India, Japan, Argentina and Mexico.

    In Morocco: The Amanjena and l'Heure Bleue
    In Argentina: The Park Hyatt - Palacio Duhan
    In Mexico: Hotelito Desconocido

    For more information about these locations go to:

  3. berber magic

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    A Berber sits cross-legged on a piece of carpet in a sea of people; he has come down from the Atlas Mountains to sing his verses. The verses are as old as the mountains he lives in and if you give him some money he will sing them for you. When he has enough money he goes back to his mountains. I put a band together for him; there are snake charmers from the Medina in Marrakesh, myself and two brothers jamming in a carpet shop in Essaouira and some guys playing in an empty restaurant in the middle of nowhere. To add a little more there is the call to prayers recorded on the rooftop of Riad Kniza, some wailing and more drums.

  6. walking with ganesh

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    Agra wakes up early and seeps into your mind, a slow fade into the day. When I checked into the Oberoi it was already dark, when I woke up there was the Taj Mahal outside my window and it was the festival of Ganesh. Almost all the sounds in this track were recorded in Agra as it came awake, the rest are from the streets of Jaipur Udaipur and New Delhi during the street celebrations. The tempo comes from a walk I took with an elephant, the extra drums I added later.

  9. maranouchi

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    If you play drums and have been on a train you have heard something like this in your head and if you have ever driven from Narita airport into Tokyo, then you have wished you were on a train. If you're staying at the Four Seasons Marunouchi they meet you at the airport and organize your trip to the front desk, by train. (it takes half an hour) Recorded on the platforms, inside the trains and at rail crossings in the city, this is the ride with a groove.

  12. polo palermo

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    Look out amigo Look out! I was on the polo field with the team from the El Colibri hotel just outside of Cordoba. They were practicing and I was in their way. It was the afternoon before the Gaucho Festival National De Doma Y Folklore. The festival, unique in Argentina, has been held for more than 40 years in the town of Jesus Maria and to see it that night as a guest of the hotel owners was amazing. The sounds from the polo field and the festival are mixed with more from parades in and around the Palermo section of Buenos Aires, with of course more drums and soccer fans celebrating at the airport.

  15. tamarindo

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    This is dawn by the ocean at the edge of a forest two hours drive south of Puerto Vallarta. It's in the Costa Careyes area of Mexico. I recorded it from outside our casitas at the El Tamarindo; it's the crashing of waves, the awakening of birds, with Tibetan temple bowls and lots of percussion.

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